FOHN – Finnish Oral History Network

FOHN – Finnish Oral History Network provides a forum for scholars and oral historians in Finland. The Network arranges national and international seminars, in order to foster international communication and cooperation and a better understanding of the nature and value of oral history. FOHN is a member of IOHA, International Oral History Association.

Membership is open to any individual supporting the aims and objectives of the Network. Follow us on Facebook: Finnish Oral History Network.

Forthcoming seminars and conferences


18.-21.6.2018, Jyväskylä

The title of the XX International Oral History Association Congress is Memory and Narration. The conference focuses on the complex and multidimensional nature of oral history as a source material, object of research and methodology.



Finnish Literature Society
FOHN Finnish Oral History Network
P.O. Box 259, FI-00171 Helsinki
Chair Anne Heimo (anne.heimo[a] or secretary Ulla Savolainen (ulla.savolainen[a]